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Bourges France Beautiful historic City

bourges ancient streets

Bourges France – the beautiful city of Berry Province in the Loire Valley…

Bourges has a long and dramatic history. First inhabited by Celtic tribesmen around 1000 BC, under Roman rule from 52 Bc and once the capital of France during the time of Charles VII (1403-1461). It became a busy commercial centre in the 15th century and was graced with the elegant Palace of Jacques Coeur, one of the most beautiful privately-owned French stately homes of the 15th century.

The maze of cobbled streets, ancient buildings and more than 500 half-timbered houses, (more than any other town in France) are stunning…

Dominating the beautiful city of Bourges and its marshlands, the majestic Saint Etienne Cathedral has been on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites since December 1992 for its unique architecture.

bourges cathedral view

Rare examples of early 13th century stained glass windows are astonishing in their detail and colour

Bourges cathedral window

Bourges fell to the Romans in 52 BC after Julius Caesar laid siege to the town. He loved was so impressed he decided not to destroy it but made it a favoured strong hold, building a wall around it peppered with 50 round towers. One of the towers is now an extraordinary tea room and a perfect lunch stop…

bourges tea in a roman tower

Jacques Coeur (1395-1456) is one of the most famous men in French history – he paid for the armies that supported Joan of Arc’s campaign and was the first non-royal to use the Fleur de Lys emblem in his home – which got him arrested as it was in those days illegal. His motif of hearts and oysters can be seen all over his sumptuous, and perfectly preserved palace in Bourges. 

bourges jacques coeur

In the 18th Century Hotel de Pannette in Bourges, all the rooms are filled with antiques and unusually – everything in the hotel is for sale! You can buy an entire room of furniture and accessories and have them shipped home to recreate your own antique chateau style! The only item not for sale is the huge bed which once belonged to the King of Spain who lived here for 5 years in exile from 1839-1844.

bourges hotel de Pannette

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