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Brilliant photography course weekends in Gascony France

field of golden sunflowers in france

Capture beautiful images and discover spectacular photographic opportunities during a small, highly personalized, two full-day session in gorgeous Gascony.

Gascony is a photographer’s dream

Blessed with extraordinary natural beauty, peppered with picturesque villages, Gascony is an outstanding place to join a photography course. It’s a region of hilltop villages and bucolic countryside. It is the least industrialized, most rural area in France with miles of vineyards and fields of sunflowers. And, because this landscape is relatively unknown except to insiders, it’s not an area overrun by tourists.

This makes it an absolutely spectacular place to take photographs. The light is soft, the colours are jewel-like and the buildings and chateaux are aged to perfection.

Photography course weekends in Gascony

Stunningly beautiful countryside in Gascony France

If you’re looking to increase your photographic skills you’ll love this course. You’ll join local photographers Sue Aran and Colby Chester, an American fine art photographer. They know the best places to take photos in a landscape that often seems to have been forgotten by the march of time.

If you have a digital camera and aren’t sure how to use it, this course will increase your confidence as a photographer. You will learn basic handling and usage of your camera: automatic settings, shutter speeds, apertures, focal lengths and depth of field. You’ll also learn about composition plus helpful techniques for using available light. You will also discover how to improve your printed image with digital photographic software.

Sue says one of her favourite places to take photos is “the 12th century village of Labastide d’Armagnac. It might surprise you to know it was the inspiration for the stunning Places des Vosges in Paris.” It’s insider knowledge like this that makes taking a tour with a local so rewarding.

A weekend photography course in Gascony France

Join a weekend long course with Sue and Colby for an opportunity to learn how to take better photos with your camera. With a small group you’ll find there’s plenty of time for one on one support for day and evening photography. You’ll be going home with photos to be proud of. The timing for courses is flexible, just contact Sue at French Country Adventures to organise dates and details at her website French Country Adventures.

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