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Burgundy is a peaceful, prosperous and rural region of France, bordered to the south and the east by the mountain ranges of the Alps and the Jura and to the north and the west by the flat plains of Champagne and the hills of the Massif Central.

Located in the heart of France Burgundy is passionate about two of the country’s favourite pastimes, eating and drinking wine. The wine of Burgundy has played a prominent role in the local economy since the days of Louis XIV’s doctor prescribed wine as a medicinal cure for King’s upset stomach. The vineyards of Cote d’Or, the Cote de Beaune and Chablis produce some of the most well respected wines in the world.

Other wonders to be admired in the region of Burgundy are the magnificent Medieval and Renaissance architecture that can be found in the cities of Dijon and Beaune.  Burgundy was one of the great church building areas of the Middle Ages, and pretty much every village has its own Romanesque church, and there are impressive abbeys to be seen at Vézelay (a superb Romanesque example) and Fontenay.

In the central area of Burgundy is the Parc Naturel Regional du Morvan where you can participate in hikes from the gentle to the not so gentle amongst the dense woodland, lakes and rolling farmland. The canal paths of Burgundy make for great cycle routes or rent a barge and take a cruise on the canals themselves.

Things to do in Burgundy

Wine tasting at the vineyards of Cote d’Or and the Cote de Beaune.

Visit the picturesque town of Semur-en-Auxois.

Explore the beautiful town of Dijon with its Burgundian charm and rich history.

Walk or mountain bike through the Parc Naturel Regional du Morvan.

See the Roman ruins Autun.

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