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Franky’s Friterie – French fries folly

I came across a story on the web the other day about a 21 year old student in America who was so desperate for chips
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La fête de la dinde – The festival of the turkey

The Good Life France team had a bird’s eye view today as turkeys ran wild through the streets of Licques. Actually, running wild might not
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They say French people hate foreigners…

 I have always found that the French are incredibly welcoming and warm people. We often read in the popular press that the French don’t like
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Planting by the moon

It was my neighbour Remy who first bought to my attention the unusual pursuit of planting by the moon.  I wasn’t sure whether to take
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My French Life: Trumper the 200 year old sheep

When we bought our house several years ago, Roger, the old chap across the road used to keep his sheep in our garden which was
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Gardening in France

Until I moved to France,  I never really thought of the French as being keen gardeners.  It should have been obvious considering that when you’re
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