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Top up health insurance France

State Healthcare in France for expats

The healthcare system (l’Assurance Maladie) in France is generally excellent and in surveys which attempt to rate national health services around the world France consistently …

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Medical insurance France

What is Top-up Insurance in France?

If you become resident in France you’ll need to consider your healthcare options. The French National Health service is very highly rated but it is …

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Voluntary health insurance France

Expat Healthcare guide | “Top-up” insurance in France

Voluntary health insurance in France or as it is often called “top-up” is an insurance policy which goes towards the cover of healthcare costs for …

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Overview of healthcare in France

Expat guide to medical top-up insurance in France

“Top-up/Voluntary insurance in France is an insurance policy which provides for reimbursement of medical costs in addition to the State insurance fund. How much additional …

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Medicines in France

Traditionally medicines in France were unrestricted but there is a new push to actively limit the range of medicines that are eligible for reimbursement through …

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EHIC – The European Health Insurance Card

EHIC stands for the European Health Insurance Card. It’s purpose was to provide for “essential care for European holidaymakers in another EU state”. However following …

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Consultant fees in France

Medical Consultant Fees in France – Dépassements

The National Health service in France is based on a pay-as-you-are-treated regime with reimbursement of some or all fees according to various circumstances: For instance …

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Carte Vitale France

Carte Vitale in France

The French National Health service works by patient payment and state reimbursement plus voluntary insurance. What is a Carte Vitale? If you are an expat …

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Visiting the Dentist in France

You can choose your dentist in France freely although of course going to the dentist is not free (except to children). Called a dentiste or chirurgiens-dentiste …

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Opticians and ophthalmologists – eye tests in France

Opticians in France do not come under the French healthcare service and they do not conduct eye tests as a general rule although they can …

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