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How to find work in France

The majority of expats who work in France are self-employed, not necessarily because they want to be but because finding a job in France can …

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Finding jobs in France

Everyone will tell you that finding jobs in France isn’t easy – and it’s true, most of the time it isn’t. Often people have found …

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Casis, Provence CC Flickr MojoBaer

Top sites and resources for jobs in France

Working in France: we’re often asked – where do I start looking for jobs in France? Here is our comprehensive and full list of places …

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Quilting in France

Useful tips for finding jobs in France

Whether you come to France for a short term or forever – if you need to find a job, you’ll need to prioritise how, what …

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Going to a French job interview

So, you’ve submitted your CV (European style and in French of course) and your lettre de motivation (letter of motivation) and you are summoned to …

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Medical insurance France

CDD and CDI Employment contracts in France

Finding work in France is not easy for most expats and there are raft of rules and paperwork to learn about. Viki B, from the …

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How to write the perfect French CV

A French CV may have very different requirements from the CV that you need to prepare in the US, Australia, UK and elsewhere in the …

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French Style

Job application letter of Motivation in France

When you apply for a job in France you’ll not only need to send a French CV – in the European style which can be …

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