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Renovating the old French farmhouse – the start

As a project manager in a previous life I am inclined towards being organised. The Other Half – despite having been in several jobs that
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My French House

Renovating the old French farmhouse

This is the Short List table I put together for the renovation work we needed to do to our house, there’s a much longer list
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French house - that first glimpse

My French House | Buying an old farmhouse

When I found the house of my dreams in Pas-de-Calais, France, I took my Dad to see it – his immediate reaction was that it
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Recycling in France – when life deals you lemons, make lemonade!

I didn’t realise that I was starting to turn into a French style recycler until English friends who visited commented on my use of old
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Fosse Septique Disaster in Rural France

I was recently asked by a journalist from a UK newspaper about my life in France and she asked me to think of something funny
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The day we found our dream house in France

It’s a really cold day with a hint of snow in the air, the sort of day when you want to stay in and keep
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How to make sure you get the right builder or artisan in France

If you plan to have a property built or renovated in France there are certain things that you definitely should do to make sure that
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