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The Opal Coast in France

The Opal Coast of France – it sounds lovely doesn’t it? And it is… This 80 mile stretch of coastline takes in golden sandy beaches, …

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Olivier Herbomel creates a masterpiece in a 24 hour Pumpkin carving marathon in Hungary

Hallowe’en Pumpkin Festival in France

Hallowe’en starts early in the town of Marchiennes in Northern France, where one of the last witch trials took place. Péronne Goguillon, her daughter and …

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Chef School France for everyone

Learning to cook like a French Chef… Janine Marsh goes to chef school and enjoys being a chef at an hour long authentic gourmet chef …

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Saint Omer, Pas de Calais – back for another visit

Thousands of us have done it. We’ve rolled off the Cross-Channel ferry and headed straight for the autoroute, the south and the sunshine. Big mistake – …

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La Coupole St Omer

  La Coupole St Omer is an incredible historical site – a huge World War II domed bunker left behind by the German occupiers in …

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Day Trip Delights Shopping in Calais, France

Calais is close enough to the UK to make it an easy day trip to France for both sightseeing and shopping and despite the ups …

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