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Prezewalski horses CC Wikipedia GerardM cmp

The last wild horses in France

If you want to see the wind-ruffled manes of the last wild horses in the world, you need to travel to the wildernesses of Mongolia… …

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Weekend in Beziers France

Beziers in the region of Languedoc-Roussillon, in the south of France is a fabulous weekend destination with direct flights from several UK airports. Beziers airport …

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St-Cirq-Lapopie CC Wikimedia Commons Wivoelke cmp

Lovely Aveyron in the Midi-Pyrénées

I have been fortunate to have lived in three departments in France during my nine years here after emigrating from Britain. The first was department …

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Regional dishes of Languedoc-Roussillon

The Catalan influence can be found in the regional dishes of  Languedoc-Roussillon, with food such as brandade which is made from a purée of dried cod …

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  Languedoc-Rousillon in the south of France is often referred to as simply Languedoc but there is nothing simple about this amazingly diverse region. Fringed by …

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