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Bonjour and welcome to this week’s newsletter

The weather has been very changeable this week in France. In the south there has been very heavy rain and a bit of sunshine, while in the north it’s been the other way round. Here where I am in the Seven Valleys, Pas de Calais, we’ve had our first frost this week.

My six cats see this as their cue for re-engaging with the house. Most of the time they like to be out and about, the three older boys especially. Winston, Ginger Roger and ‘Enry Cooper don’t come in at night except to feed, then they’re off hunting. The two girls, Loulou and Shadow and Hank Marvin the kitten prefer to come in at night. Now though all of them want to avoid the rain, wind and cold of winter and they’ve been staking their claim to their favourite spots. An armchair for Ginger, sofa for Loulou, kitchen chair for Shadow, dog’s bed for Enry. Winston will only sleep where he can see me (he is very neurotic) and Marvin isn’t quite sure yet but is quite keen to wrap himself round my neck.

Another sign that winter is definitely coming are the hedgehogs. Every night we get visits from a mum and her baby, followed soon after by dad (he’s massive). Then two juveniles arrive separately to scoff the food I leave out.

In the poultry pen where I keep ducks, chicken and geese for fun, Lucky the abandoned duckling has at last grown feathers. I was beginning to despair about her. On the day she and her four siblings hatched, her mum led them all into a pond which they couldn’t get out of. I found one little duckling padding frantically and for a while she lived in a trolley down the side of my desk.  Ducklings are very cute when they’re babies but get smellier with age so I put her in the garden in an enclosure and it has taken ages for her to grow and get feathered up which she needs to do before she can join the rest of the group.

Well that’s it for my animal update this week, next week I am hoping to share some very exciting news with you about our new, free magazine…

Where ever you are, I wish you a happy and very bon weekend

Best wishes and Bisous from France

This Week’s Features

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Finally, here’s a winter warmer for you from the Master Chef himself, Michel Roux Jr and his Chestnut and apple soup

An enormous thankyou so much to everyone for sharing our articles, it is truly and hugely appreciated.

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