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Coast versus country | Property in Morbihan

Ancient houses around a tiny port in Auray, Morbihan

Morbihan is one of the four departments of the Brittany region. It takes its name from the Golfe du Morbihan, an inner sea, where a great nautical festival is held every four years. The prefecture of Morbihan is Vannes, Lorient and Pontivy are sub-prefectures. The Interceltique festival, which is held every summer in Lorient, is one of the busiest festivals in Europe.

The department is becoming increasingly popular as a place to live with the population increasing by around 0.5% each year over the last few years (circa 751,000 residents 2021).

Nigel Bealing an agent for Leggett Immobillier who lives and works in Morbihan says with 250 municipalities in the department, the choice of property is varied and with coast and country life on offer – you’ll find the best of both worlds:

Buying a home near the sea might be out of reach for your budget but in Morbihan, you might find a great compromise by seeking a property in a small village or town with local shops and services, in the countryside. And at less than half hours’ drive from the coast, you can still have the seaside lifestyle

Questembert and surrounding area

For instance, the popular market town of Questembert (population approx. 8500) is a great option. It’s surrounded by pretty little villages and it’s just 25 to 30 minutes to the coast as well as to the historic city of Vannes and the Golfe du Morbihan.

Questembert is a small and friendly Breton town with excellent amenities and facilities for day to day living. It has a cinema, municipal swimming pool, doctors’ surgery, vets, dentists, schools, supermarkets and even a train station serving Vannes, Rennes and beyond.

Neighbouring villages Malansac, Caden, Peaule, Berric and Limerzel have traditionally been popular with UK and international second home buyers for many years and all have local shops and services.

Country villages near the coast of Morbihan

But drive on just a few minutes further and you’ll find an abundance of unspoiled attractive hamlets. For instance to the south is Noyal Muzillac which has a bakery and pharmacy. The town of Muzillac is literally just minutes from the local beaches where properties command top prices plus there’s easy road access to Vannes and Nantes. The villages of Penestin, Billiers, Ambon and Damgan are also close to the beaches.

Property in Morbihan

Since 2020, demand for countryside and ‘rural near to village properties’ in Morbihan, and indeed Brittany as a whole, has outstripped supply with more French and international buyers keen on the area. Correctly priced properties are now often selling within days of going on the market. When you’re a buyer at a distance it can be frustrating. Things have moved on technologically which make it easier if this affects you – we can take you for a tour by WhatsApp for instance, take videos, multiple photos, even drone film to save you time.

The good news is that there are properties available to suit most budgets. We have 2-3 bedroom semi-detached stone cottages in good condition for sale from 125,000 euros in villages, though the nearer to the coast you are, the more the price increases.

More often than not, the trick to finding your dream home in Morbihan at the right price, is knowing where to look and having that local knowledge that reveals hidden gems that tick all your boxes.

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