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Coeur à la Crème Recipe

 Coeur a la Creme pudding

The Loire Wine Lady, Cathy Henton from Le Tasting Room shared this very easy but totally delicious recipe for a classic French dessert with us. She says it is just perfect with a sweet wine and makes for a super reomantic or Valentine’s Day dessert – we definitely agree with that!


1 Tub fromage frais (350g makes 4-5 hearts, you can choose the fat content)
2 Tablespoons cream (optional)
Sugar to taste
Vanilla Essence (optional)


You need a tub of fromage frais, a little cream (if you’re not fretting about calories) and a little sugar. Empty the fromage frais into a bowl and beat until smooth. Add a couple of tablespoons of cream and a little sugar to taste (you could even add a couple of drops of vanilla essence or use vanilla sugar).

I use individual heart shaped porcelain dishes but you can use an old yoghurt pot (make some holes in the bottom). Whatever type of dishes you use, line them with muslin and then pour in the fromage frais mixture and leave to drain overnight.

Turn the dishes upside down and carefully remove the pudding – serve up with a fruit purée or some fresh fruit – raspberries are wonderful, mango is great too, whatever your preference or that of your loved one!

Enjoy with a glass of sweet white wine, perhaps a muscat from the South of France.

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