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Country Crafts of France – Perlé de Groseille

The 7 valleys area in the region of Pas-de-Calais is a place that holds tradition close and maintains its heritage with a passion.

At Loison-sur-Créquoise you will find La Maison de la Perlé, owned by Hubert Delobel.  Here “currant wine” is produced according to a recipe handed down through Monsieur Delobel’s family , known as perlé de groseille. Fruit wines are traditional in Pas-de-Calais but the perlés that are produced at La Maison de la Perlé are very champagne like and extremely delicious. Revived and refined from the original old recipe, the resulting sparkling fruit wine is very popular in France and especially in the Pas-de-Calais.

The family Delobel grow around 90 varieties of currants from around the world in their pretty garden. In July and August each year visitors are offered tastings of the soft fruit in the beautiful gardens where Madame Delobel makes crepes with home grown raspberries and home-made cream direct from the farm.

Also produced is perlé made from cherries and raspberries, top notch ciders and regional specialities such as jam with a distinct taste made with juice from caramelised apples grown locally. Don’t miss the apple and cider day held each October when the Delobel family invite everyone in to witness the pressing of the apples to make farmer’s cider and to taste the batch  made the year before!

Set in a beautiful countryside setting popular with walkers, there are two trails through the fields of La Maison de le Perlé and Madame Delobel will happily provide you with a free guidebook to make the most of your walk.

Website for Perlé de Groseilles with details of outlets and online shop, location and contact details plus more information.

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