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Creating The French Look by Annie Sloan

creating the french lookAnnie Sloan’s book does exactly what it says on the cover – it is an inspirational book which helps you to create the French look – anywhere.

Ask most people what French style is and they may say chandeliers, light coloured wood panelling, armoires, decoupage – all sorts of things but French style is about more than one thing and getting the right look can be tricky.

Annie explains the four major French styles with detail and an artist’s eye and shows you how to recreate your favourite styles with 25 clearly explained step-by-step projects.

creating the french look‘Chateau’, ‘Country’, ‘Provencal’ and ‘Parisian style’ are covered – in the living room, kitchen and dining room, bedroom and bathroom and living space in the garden. Annie takes a look at fabric, colour, furnishings and lots of little details that give that “je ne sais quoi” feel that is so hard to achieve. She tells you how to use her ground breaking paints to achieve the perfect French look – whether you use the paints on the walls, furnishings or fabrics.

Annie says “This is French style in a way you haven’t seen before. The French look is simple but the influences are many. Greys, whites and linens with toile de Jouy is the most well-known look but we also have chic and quirky Parisian influence as well as the sunny and bright look from the south. In this book I use my experience as an interior designer to combine the use of paint colour and fabrics to create the French look with 25 easy to follow step by steps”.

The book is filled with gorgeous photographs to illustrate French style but in actual fact, none of the photographs were actually taken in France because Annie wanted to show what could be done if you know how to create the French look and to prove it can be done anywhere.

creating the french lookThe book tells you precisely what you need to carry out some fabulous projects on furniture, accessories and soft furnishings. All the paints are from Annie’s own famous Chalk Paint® decorative range.  She wanted a paint which would have many uses from acting like lime wash to being able to repaint furniture and giving it an “aged look”. She couldn’t find what she wanted so she worked with a developer to create her own.  In the book she explains how to mix it, layer it, wax it and distress it to make furniture look old and French.

The book is guaranteed to make those with a hankering for a bit of French style in their home very happy indeed! Even if, like me you are not a proficient craft-y person, and have no previous experience, the instructions are easy to follow and great fun.

I’m off to look for a second-hand armoire in need of some TLC and a dash of Annie Sloan French style to create a country armoire in a rustic Provencal style… and a mirror to paint in a chateau style … and those wooden chairs I bought from a Swedish superstore – they’re going to get a lick of paint and a wax for a French country look…!

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