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Crepes aux Pommes | Apple Pancake cake

There are pancakes, and then there are pancakes that make you sigh with happiness. Crepes aux pommes, apple pancakes are definitely in the second camp. In essence, an apple pancake cake takes two pancakes and wraps them around caramelised apples. Serve with cream, ice cream, Chantilly cream or delicious salted caramel sauce – or a mix!

Ingredients for 4

Pancake mix

150g (50z / 1/4 cup) plain flour
50g (2 oz / 1/4 cup) sugar
1 medium egg + 3 yolks
150ml (1/4 pint / 2/3 cup) milk
25g (2 tablespoons) melted butter
2 tablespoons oil

Apple filling

3 apples peeled and cored and cut into slices
Knob of butter
Tablespoon of sugar

How to make an apple pancake cake:

1. Beat the eggs and sugar together then fold in the flour. Beat in the melted butter and oil. Stir with a wooden spoon and finally add the milk gradually, and mix until smooth and creamy – like single cream.

2. To make the apple filling, melt the knob of butter in a pan, add the sugar and apples and stir until soft but not broken up.

There are two ways to make the apple pancakes:

3.  For each pancake, heat a small amount of butter in a frying pan. When it begins to smoke, stir the batter and pour approximately 3 tablespoons into the frying pan. When golden brown underneath, turn and cook other side. Then place on a plate, put some of the apple mix and in and fold. This will make 6-8 pancakes.

Or you can place make one big apple pancake cake. Preheat oven to 180°C (350°F/Gas Mark 4). Pour half the batter in a large pan that can go on the hob and in the oven. Cook for about 1 minute on a low heat. Spread the cooked apples (as above) over the top then cover with the rest of the batter and pop in the oven for about 5 minutes until the top is risen and firm. Carefully turn the pancake over and cook in the oven for a coupe of minutes until cooked and golden.

How to make

Chantilly cream

Salted caramel

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