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Cycle from London to Paris – The Avenue Verte

Cycling in Paris

Cycle from London to Paris on The Avenue Verte (Green Avenue) a cycling route of 400km which follows cycle friendly roads and paths.

The organisers of Avenue Verte advise that the final route will include many greener road conversions on what will be a continuous green avenue from London to Paris via Dieppe.

These two great capitals connected across land and water for those on two wheels is an attractive prospect and one that appeals to those who want a relaxed ride to those who are practiced cyclists.

There are two routes on the French side – one is a bit shorter but both start in Dieppe, end in Paris and take in castles, cathedrals, tranquil villages and beautiful towns. It’s a journey of exploration and inspiration that can be taken at the cyclists pace.

Cycling in France

The French section of the cycle route takes in 8 departments: Paris, Seine-Saint-Denis, Hauts-de-Seine, Yvelines, Eure, Val d’Oise, Oise and Seine-Maritime.  Both routes point in Dieppe (via ferry from Newhaven) and there are two options – either through the valley of the Epte and the Vexin (in total 246 km) or the valley of the Oise (in total 310 km).

The British cycle route takes in the national network of cycle routes and, as in France, the route follows an assembly of small roads and greenways, marked “Avenue Verte” from central London to Newhaven. It passes through lovely English countryside before joining the British capital.

Of course cyclists can join the route at any stage in both the UK and France and pick up the Avenue Verte trail.

The organisers of Avenue Verte advise that some parts of the route are better for experienced cyclists but that much of the route is easy and family friendly and the Avenue Verte website is designed to help cyclists review the route in detail and decide which route is most suitable.

We checked out the website and it allows you to input your destination on the French side, to choose the cycling level from family, intermediate to experienced and to choose a theme – such as cultural or coastal.  The website is in the French language but if viewed in Google you can put the Google translate button on to the language of your choice.


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