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Live in France

View of French countryside, house surrounded by woods and fields

When we were putting this section together we found ourselves scratching our heads quite a lot in an attempt to quantify what daily life consists of that would be interesting to people looking at our website and that would provide a useful level of information about France. In the end we decided to go for anything and everything that affects our daily life and will probably affect yours whether you live in France or you’re visiting .

You’ll find useful guides and information about France to help you make the most of the good life in France when it comes to the essentials and routine requirements that affect all of us who live in France:

  • Travel – on trains, buses, underground, driving in France and the main rules of the road
  • Utilities – electric, gas, water, telecoms and then perhaps less obviously septic tanks, heating oil and wood.
  • Education – if you have children to consider in France this will be critical information for you
  • Healthcare – how to find a doctor or hospital
  • Services – banking, postal services, telecoms, TV and satellite TV in France
  • Pets and Animals – From how to adopt an animal in France to how to bring an animal to France from a foreign country and stories of people who care for animals in France
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