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Deauville Photos

deauville street view

Deauville is a chic seaside resort just two hours by train from Paris. Check out our Deauville photos to see what everyone loves about this little town…

Famous for its racecourse, casino, golf course and long sandy beach lined with beach huts named after American movie stars (in honour of the annual American Film Festival held in Deauville), called the Promenade des Planches. Here you’ll find the rich and beautiful promenading; wealthy, tanned old ladies lying under the colourful beach parasols and smartly dressed visitors enjoying the unique ambience of elegant Deauville.

deaville directors names

This is a place to escape to and a perfect weekend destination, Deauville is one of the top choices for Parisians who want to escape the city for a breath of fresh sea air at the closest beach resort to the city.

deauville affiche

A short walk from Deauville is Trouville with its traditional fishing port and fashionable café terraces which line the quays and rue des Bains offering the freshest of fish cooked to perfection.

Deaubille to Trouville boat ride

Deauville-Trouville, is a perfect duo with a great range of open air activities from horse riding, golf, water sports, tennis, swimming pool cycling. Deauville has a lovely, swish marina, whilst Trouville is an active fishing port and you can watch the boats come and go and buy fresh fish from the quayside.

deauville coco channel

In Deauville you can take a guided tour and view the magnificent villas that line the streets in the town where Coco Chanel opened her first shop in 1913. Enjoy open air dinner dances on the Pont des Belges (the bridge which links Deauville to Trouville) and learn to cook with a top chef.

deauville town

If you just want to relax then the beach beckons; with the long wooden walkway you don’t even have to get your feet sandy to enjoy the views of the sand yachts or the fishermen catching prawn at low tide.

deauville  beach

Walk to Saint-Arnoult for sensational views over the coast and enjoy a delicious Normandy speciality like galettes and crepes washed down with local cider or Calvados.  About 30 kilometres from Deauville is the lovely “Route du Cidre” (Cider Trail) in Cambremer country which takes you though picturesque fields of apple trees and into the cider cellars. Visit Beuvron, one of the “most beautiful villages in France” and nearby the Calvados coastline has other treasures in store, such as the little port of Honfleur or you can visit a Calvados producer and enjoy a tasting of the famous eau de vie.

honfleur harbour

When in Deauville remember the Normandy saying: “en bord de mer, le mauvais temps n’est pas morne, il est vivifiant!” or “at the seaside, bad weather’s not miserable it’s invigorating!”

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