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French bread

Cou cou from France! Here in my little village this week there has been a crime – someone has stolen the dead flower heads of the hydrangea plants of my neighbour J-P.  The story of the so-called “Hydrangea Gang” has been in the newspapers in the region for some time but until now, my little village has escaped their attention… (read the full story here)… Elsewhere in the news, the annual creation of the world’s biggest strawberry tart has been cancelled this year due to political pique in France.

Top Features

1. Brilliant Barge cruise in Burgundy – great gastronomy, wonderful wine, picture postcard pretty villages, luscious landscape, charming chateaux… oh yes, we’re smitten with this one!
2. Croissants – a great French icon… or are they? Well as it happens, they are not! Read the story of the croissant and its mysterious origins…
3. The best Flea Markets in France – our new photo gallery feature brings you wonderful photos from France of the things you love – we hope you like it!
4. Tiffany & Co., the famous jewellers have opened a new store in the Champs-Elysées and they’ll be showing off the famous yellow Tiffany diamond from June 10…

Writing Contest – the Finalists: Last week we brought you news of the winners in our Writing Competition and we told you how the standard was so high our judges had difficult choices to make, we’re sure you’ll agree when you read the first of our finalists’ entries (more next week…)

Penny Asquith-Evans – Bastille Day
Andrea Bouchaud – La Vie Parisienne
Analiza Davis – Breton Snapshot
Pippa Grantham – Think of all the Beauty, The history of Miss Dior perfume
Milaysha Roussy – Romantic Paris is more than a cliché

This week in France is the Fete du Pain – a celebration of bread and cakes in boulangeries throughout the land in honour of St Honoré the patron Saint of French bakers – bon appétit!

Best wishes and bisous from France,

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