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Discover Brittany on a week-long luxury tour

Beautiful cobbled street lined with half timbered houses and cafes, with blooming flowers in boxes

Early summer is the perfect time to head to Brittany. Discover bucolic landscapes and beautiful beaches in a land that’s brimming with culture and art. Chateaux galore, medieval towns, mile after mile of peaceful and picturesque countryside dotted with pretty little villages or oodles of long, golden sandy beaches. Local cuisine, boulangeries with fresh baked baguettes and croissants, patisseries with shelves full of wonderful cakes, cheese, wine and street markets. Famous for its local produce from dairy to crepes, the finest shellfish and sparkling cider, Brittany is a mouth-watering adventure.

The charms of Brittany

Rock formation in the sea, like rocky needles sticking up off the coast of Belle-Ile-en-Mer, Brittany

Explore the Pink Granite coast with its beautiful beaches, fishing villages and awesome rock formations. Go island hopping on a former lobster boat. Visit the ‘beautiful island’ Belle-Île-en-Mer which makes you feel as if you’ve stepped into a 19th century painting. Artist Claude Monet loved it here for its rugged beauty and view over the needs rock formations of Port-Coton, and you’re sure to fall head over heels for those same views.

Ancient houses line a narrow cobbled street at the end of which a church tower looms in Locronan, Brittany

Visit Locronan, one of the most beautiful villages in France. And exquisite Rochefort-en-Terre, with its narrow streets lined with ateliers and workshops, and geranium bedecked half-timbered houses. In historic Quimper you’ll find the perfect souvenirs to take home, the town is famous for its pottery. Or perhaps you’ll prefer some mouth-wateringly delicious buttery biscuits from Pont-Aven. Here in the former home of artist Paul Gaugin, you’ll follow in his footsteps. And who can resist a traditional Breton striped top? Your host Katrin Hodapp of Girls’ Guide to Paris will show the perfect place to buy one in captivating Concarneau, an old fishing port with narrow cobbled lanes encompassed by stone ramparts, a real taste of yesteryear. Katrin has lived in France for 20 years. She’s a former literary agent who escorted best-selling authors around the world on book tours and definitely knows how to make sure your tour is perfect.

Authentic and relaxing

Castles, beautiful villages that make you believe time has stood still and ancient churches galore are on your itinerary. And the three thousand dolmens and menhirs of Carnac are every bit as impressive as the prehistoric tablets at Stonehenge. Brittany has a unique and invigorating climate, which, with its mineral-rich seawater, make this the perfect place to relax and unwind, reenergise and reinvigorate yourself.

This tour provide an authentic taste of genuine Brittany. You’ll even take a horse and carriage ride thought the famous salt marshes where you can buy locally made salt, flavoured with herbs.

Sit back and relax

View though a stone arch to a port filled with colourful little fishing boats in Concarneau, Brittany

You’ll be transported in comfort through picturesque countryside, stay in charming hotels, have the option to enjoy spa treatments and dine like royalty. Brittany is famous for its gastronomy, the freshest seafood and shellfish, juicy oysters, langoustines and the famous Breton lobster. Feast on crepes, sweet and savoury. And enjoy the luscious local cider or a Kir Breton – cider and crème de Cassis. You’ll not only dine at a Michelin star restaurant, but also at cosy little bistros, in authentic and gastronomically fabulous restaurants. Brittany is a mouth-watering adventure.

A fabulous tour of Brittany

This women only tour is an invigorating cocktail of culture and art, wellness and relaxation, great food and drink…

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