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Everything you need to know about French Insurance

For many expats in France, administration and bureaucratic practices – for which the French are rightly renowned – can cause a frustration and confusion, including insurance. Luckily, help is at hand with an expert English speaking company who cover all aspects of insurance.

FAB French Insurance

FAB French insurance are an English speaking, French native speaking, brokerage, based in France. They are experts at anything and everything to do with insurance. Their aim is to make the whole process of insurance easy for their clients and to make sure they’ve got you covered.
Working with more than 30 insurers means that they are able to find an affordable solution for clients, and a solution that’s suitable for every situation. Fabien Pelissier of FAB French insurance says, “we take care of the tricky bits of the French system, and make sure that you get the insurance you need.” And as you’d expect, this being France, there are always a few tricky bits! FAB French Insurance have an online quote system that’s simple to use, jargon free and in plain English and you’ll get a quote back following their competitive analysis, with a clear explanation of the process.

Visa and residence Insurance for France

If you’re a non-EU citizen and want to stay in France for longer than 90 days in a 180 day period you’ll need a visa – a Visa Long Séjour (VLS-TS). Even If you want to live in France, you’ll need to apply for the one year VLS-TS. When you apply for your VLS-TS, you’ll need to include several documents such as bank statements, and most importantly, private medical insurance (PHI). One of the most common reasons for a refusal on a visa application is the insurance element. FAB French Insurance can help you get your insurance sorted and provide you with those all important documents that you need to include with your application. Get a quote for your visa and residence insurance for France

Car insurance

If you’re planning to move to France and register your foreign car – which is a legal requirement – then this can take time. And while you’re waiting – you will need insurance.  Despite what some people say, this can be done. FAB French Insurance can insure your foreign registered car in France as well as your French registered car.  And in France, it’s the car that’s insured – not the driver, so you can add on other drivers to your policy for an excess fee.

Household Insurance

French household insurance may differ from what you’re used to. You might be asked to provide photos of buildings, repair bills and more. And getting the right insurer that you can trust is really important.  We’ve heard tales of insurance companies holding out for years before paying up after a claim, often because non-French clients either didn’t understand the small print or didn’t get the right policy because they didn’t understand the differences. FAB French Insurance explain everything in English. They know that their British clients aren’t used to French insurance and they make sure that you’re made aware.

Additional Health Insurance

In France, the excellent healthcare system is available to all residents, but there is also a top up insurance system in place. 95% of adults in France have this insurance, known as a “mutuelle.” A mutuelle provides additional health cover and is different from PHI in that it doesn’t charge premiums for pre-existing conditions. Although French health care covers around 70% of the charges, there may be fees to pay that are not covered by the state. A mutuelle is an insurance policy that covers these costs.

For more information: fabfrenchinsurance.com

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