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Expats Volunteer opportunities in France with LAARF


LAARF and France LAARFS with you: It takes all sorts to help animals in need says expat in France Jane Hunt, but there is plenty of opportunity and it’s a great way to make friends. LAARF, Les Amis des Animaux en Refuges de France is one such way to get involved and volunteer…

volunteering-with-animals-in-franceJac Prosser is a fun and energetic Glaswegian who, according to her Facebook page, studied brain surgery at Harvard and is a government trained assassin. However, there is more to this lady than her bright pink overalls and cheeky sense of humour imply. Jac is one of the new wave of volunteers who have started to work at their local animal refuges throughout France and for Jac, this is a serious business.

The Brits in France are generally well known for their compassion for animals and many are upset by the large numbers of stray animals roaming the countryside and the sight of dogs on chains or confined to pens – something very common, especially in the more rural areas of France.

The animal welfare refuges are full to bursting, due to supply hugely overpowering demand, and the needless breeding of dogs due to reticence to sterilise, breeding for the chasse (hunt) and breeding in puppy farms, amongst other reasons. Cats have a very tough time too. The feral cat population in France is out of control and it’s not uncommon for cats and kittens to appear at people’s houses asking for food and shelter.

Party at the Pound

In November 2013, Verity Lineham, one of the volunteers at the refuge of Mornac, Angouleme, organised her 40th birthday party with a difference. The twist was that she celebrated at her local animal refuge and rather than dress up, all friends had to arrive in walking gear, equipped with dog leads and a smile.

The party was so successful that every single dog (there were 200) was walked. Those who didn’t want to walk dogs cuddled cats instead. Shortly afterwards, a group of Verity’s friends formed the idea of an online group, whereby more people could get together in this way at shelters across France. Slowly but surely the idea has taken off with some 600 members of LAARF (Les Amis des Animaux en Refuges de France) as at April 2015, and growing.

How to get involved

laarf-volunteers-franceThe idea is that you join LAARF in order to find a buddy or five and make your introductions at your local SPA or refuge. Some of the refuges in France are already “infiltrated” with LAARFers. Sometimes it can be a challenge to persuade the managers of the refuges that you are genuine and / or reliable, they’re keen to make sure that they protect the welfare of the animals and building up trust is key.

Jac and her colleagues volunteer at the SPA of Bergerac. The managers there were not at the start open to the idea of allowing a bunch of strangers to take their dogs out. However, with determination and persistence, the LAARFers are now an accepted and respected team. One of them even sits on the Conseil D’administration and has a say in how the refuge is run.

The LAARFers are a positive, energetic, determined and above all, compassionate bunch. They welcome newcomers with open arms, if you’d like to join them, their contact details are:

Facebook: LAARF SPA Volunteer Network
Website: laarf.com
Email: info@laarf.com

By Jane Hunt, LAARF Volunteer

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