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croissant made in france

This week we’ve been celebrating bread in France as it’s the week of the Fete du Pain! Yes indeed, an official festival of bread in the country where it’s almost the law to eat bread with every meal! Yesterday, 16th May was Saint Honoré’s Day – he is the Patron Saint of French Bakers and there is a Saint Honoré cake made in his honour!

If you missed all our great photos of cakes, croissants, bread and boulangeries this week on Facebook – you can catch up here!

We all love a great property renovation story in France and I’m looking for people to interview who’ve bought a “character” property in the last year or are looking to buy one soon. If you’d like to be interviewed and featured in The Good Life France about your renovation project please email me (just reply to this newslettter or via this contact form!). If you know anyone who might be interested please feel free to pass me on! I’m a pussycat interviewer so don’t be shy!

Tonight (17th May) is the Nuits des Musées – the Night of the Museums – and in France hundreds of museums and art galleries will open until midnight and maybe later and invite visitors in for free (details of what’s on in the link). I’ll be in Roubaix and Lille in northern France where there are some wonderful museums including the fabulous La Piscine, a converted art deco swimming pool! Tell you about it next week.

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Top Features this week

The only Brits in the Village! My French neighbours insist we are crazy to renovate our French farmhouse and say it’s perfectly “good as it is”. But, I can’t live with animal bones and 30 cm of “mud” on the walls…

Chicken Beauty Contests in France – A beauty contest with 1000 contestants – and they’re all chickens. Great to know the world is as crazy as you think – but in a good way! You can vote for your favourite “beauty” – just click on the link!

Discovering Delightful Dijon – I visited this lovely, ancient city in Burgundy and it’s gone straight to the top of my favourite ten cities in France!

The best things to do in Dijon – There’s so much to see and do, I was astonished and I’m sharing all my tips with you, like don’t miss the covered market built by Gustave Eiffel who was born in the town…

The Creepy but Fun Museum of Burgundian Life – I had the fright of my life in this museum in an 18th Century monastery and fell in love with the ancient shops that have been created in full using original artifacts – absolutely gorgeous…

Best Street Markets in France – our photo gallery of the most stunning French markets…

Finalists in our writing contest

Mastering the Macaron – Susie Woodhams’ story of making this much loved delicacy with a top chef in France

A Week Long Ago – Lucy Pitts beautifully written story of how she fell in love with France

Next week we’ll be sharing some fabulous recipes from top chef Daniel Galmiche, taking a look at the beautiful Dordogne, looking behind the scenes at the famous Roland Garros tennis stadium in Paris, going gourmet in northern France and a whole lot more!

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