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Festivals and Carnivals in France


The French love to have a party – it doesn’t matter whether you are in the south or the north, town or country, any excuse will do.

Festivals and carnivals are a chance for the locals to pour into the streets carrying you along with them

There are hundreds of festivals and carnivals throughout France and throughout the year.

From the Geant festivals in the North featuring “giants” to the Tour de France, from the Bastille Day festivities to the rural village straw sculpture competitions; from the surf festival in Biaritz to the history and son et lumière festivals in which the local French love to participate such as in Artois with more than a 1000 characters – there are plenty of events in France to choose from.

Each region and town in France has its own unique festivals or events and although the celebrations differ the French will always make you feel welcome.  We will be writing about the festivals that we attend and bringing you news and details of the main events around France.

For more details of whats on in France and where see our calendar on Top Things to do in France.

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