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Five Perfect Sweet Easter Recipes With A French Flavour


If you’re looking for inspiration for something to cook at home for Easter to really impress and wow everyone – we have some terrific bake ideas for you from the truly simple to the … truly simple! Nothing difficult with these sweet Easter recipes, we think at this time of the year you should enjoy yourself not spend hours in the kitchen getting hot, bothered and worn out!

1. Brioche style hot cross buns

Traditional buns but with French flair from our Queen of French Cuisine, Karen Burns-Booth.  You can be sure these won’t stick around for long.

Click here for the recipe

2. Chocolate mousse


Creamy, scrumptious velvety mouse decorated with Easter bunnies, French Easter bells, mini eggs and whatever else takes your fancy! Almost too pretty eat… but not quite!

Click here for the recipe

3. Chocolate honeycombe with pistachio


Home-made honeycombe, dipped in chocolate and dusted with pistachio crumbs – looks tricky and it will definitely get a “wow” from onlookers when they this delicious treat but, as you’ll find out, it’s actually really easy to make with these top tips from Walnut Grove Cookery School in France

Click here for the recipe

4. Crepes Suzette


Delicious, ever so slightly decadent, sophisticated and made to impress. Pancakes that you set light to are a real party piece.

Click here for the recipe

5. Raspberry and Vanilla Pain Perdu


It doesn’t get much easier or much more yummy than this. Kids will love helping out with this recipe and if you don’t have much time – this is the perfect pudding for you.

Click here for the recipe

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