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French cakes in France

cake charlotte

French cakes: There’s nothing quite so delicious as a delicious, classic French cake made by a master patissier in France…

In my part of France I am well-known by the bakers and cake makers in towns and villages far and wide. I go into almost every boulangerie and patisserie that I see on a daily basis. I don’t always buy cakes, though I do of course indulge from time to time, it is after all research. No, I am there because I love to take photographs of cakes to share with you all!

It seems the whole world loves a French cake, and the more classic they are the better! The cake above is a Charlotte, created by French chef Marie-Antoine Carême (1784–1833), who named it in honour of his employer King George IV’s only child, Princess Charlotte.

charles quint cake in france

Charles Quint’s Finger – yes there really is a cake called that and it is named after a dead Emperor and his gouty finger! Read about this unusual French cake here!

meringues in france

Meringues – so classically French. Don’t you just love how you can get small meringues, big meringues and all the different flavours? The first known recipe comes from a French cookbook dated 1692.

saint honore cake

Saint Honoré cake, made in honour of the Patron Saint of French bakers called, no surprise, Saint Honoré! You can read more about the Saint Honoré cake here.

macaron in france

Macarons – perhaps the most well known of all French cakes, the little macaron comes in all colours and flavours including savoury. Read about the history of the macaron here.

madeleine cakes

Madeleines, the little sponge cakes that we like to dip in our tea and coffee have a surprisingly Royal history – read how they were possibly invented by a Queen!

french cakes

No wonder we all love French cakes – resistance is futile!

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