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French Hot Water Tanks and Tarrifs

French hot water tankThere is a high chance that as a home owner in France, you’ll be using an electric water tank to heat your water as this is one of the most common methods for hot water needs. Paul Wilkins, English electrician in France talks about ways in which you might be able to use your French hot water tank more cost effectively…

A recent discussion with friends and family highlighted that some home owners are not making the most of night rates to heat their water tank. In fact their water tanks are using electricity in the day time at peak rate, which can be quite expensive.

In our rental home, we have a day/night timer which means that our hot water tank is being heated up overnight during the hours of 10.30pm and 6.30am. We take advantage of the “tariff bleu” night rate with Seolis, our electricity provider, which lessens the cost of heating the tank. We have hot water available throughout the day without the worry of heating it at day time electricity costs.

You might want to check your electricity bill to see if a cheaper night rate is applied. If it’s not obvious, just enquire with your service provider.

If you are already taking advantage of a cheaper night rate, is your water tank taking advantage too?  You will need a contacteur jour/nuit or day/night switch and this is located at the fuse board. The diagram below will help you determine if you have this:

french hot water tank

The idea of the contacteur jour/nuit  is that when set to auto it will activate during your cheaper night rate, usually 10.30pm to 6.30am.

If you have not got this switch you should contact an electrician to install it for you and start saving some money!

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Paul Wilkins is known as the Electricien Anglais En France. Paul moved to France in August 2012 having been a self-employed fully qualified electrician in the UK. He is registered with the Chambre de Metier, Artisan level electrician.

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