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French Life Berck-Sur Mer Carnival, Pas-de-Calais

Sunday was a lovely day – blue skies, brilliant sunshine and warm, so we decided it was a perfect day for a carnival and went off to Berk-sur-Mer on the lovely Opal Coast in Pas-de-Calais which was holding its annual spring carnival.

The Giants of the North were out in force at Berck, it was the most giants I’ve seen in one place so far in France – more than a dozen and these ones were dancing and prancing in the crowds!

Also dancing was yours truly – not my choice, I was “lured” by a wily old Frenchman who said “il faut” – which means you have to so in the interest of entente cordial and the spirit of carnival I danced in the road with everyone else!

I’m not going to say much more – I think the pictures say it all!

The dreaded housecoat makes an appearance!


It was a great carnival “not as many nutters as Dunkirk Carnival” as the other half said but really friendly, fun and as always the French were very welcoming.

A bientôt
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