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French-made sustainable luxury bedding

There’s lots to fall in love with in France – baguettes, wine, cheese, the Eiffel Tower… and bedding! Given that the average person spends 8 hours a day in bed – a third of your life – then good bedding is a must. And great bedding is something that everyone should treat themselves to. I don’t mean expensive. I do mean great, luxury, affordable, long-lasting and feels as good after every wash as it did the first time you used it, and – sustainably produced. It’s a tall order. But in France there’s a company that meets and surpasses expectations. And their bedding is perfect for holiday homeowners who want to give their guests a good night’s sleep and make them feel pampered.

Luxury bedding that’s just perfect for hotels and holiday homeowners

A while back I stayed at a luxury gite in Nice and I know it might seem weird but alongside loving the Promenade des Anglais and the Old Town, I had the best night’s sleep and fell in love with the sheets. They were cool, felt super-luxurious and were so comfy. I asked the gite owner where she got them from and was told Paris La Chambre and the owner said that since she’d found them, she would never go anywhere else.

Well, I looked them up and ordered a sheet, duvet cover and pillowcases in their linen range. Everything arrived in reusable bags. It is ultra-soft, thermoregulating, seriously comfy and feels like you’re staying in a top hotel. And it doesn’t matter how many times I wash the linen, it’s like new every time. I also got some of their cotton Percale bedding, which is incredibly light and feels crispy new whenever I wash it. I don’t run a hotel, gite or B&B but I love a little bit of luxury!

In fact Paris la Chambre, the company who produce the bedding are so confident that you’ll love their stuff, that they give you a 90-day try-sleep-wash guarantee or your money back.

Run by British-born Ian and American-born Alison – Paris la Chambre is entente-cordiale at its best – stylish, elegant, comfortable, affordable and clever! They cut out the middleman to keep the price low, use eco-sustainable production methods and plant 10 trees for every order they receive.

And for hotels and holiday homeowners, they make you an offer you can’t refuse! Preferential rates, free deliveries in France, payment in instalments and personalised support.

Find out more about Paris La Chambre’s hotel and holiday home bedding programme

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