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French Music: Jeanne Moreau

 Jeanne Moreau

Jeanne Moreau is best known as an actress but is also a singer, screenwriter and director.

Born in Paris 23 January 1928 to an English Folies Bergère dancer and French restaurateur, on leaving school at 16 she decided to be an actress and later studied at the Conservatoire de Paris. She debuted at the age of 19 in the Comédie-Française at the Avignon Festival and rapidly won fans becoming a leading theatrical actress by the time she reached her mid-twenties.

In the late 1950s she started to take on more and more film roles and found international fame with François Truffaut’s Jules et Jim in 1962.

Whilst developing her film and stage career Moreau also became a popular singer – releasing several albums and even performing with Frank Sinatra in New York.

French music experts radio Paris Chanson have chosen to illustrate Jeanne Moreau’s singing style with “Le Tourbillon de la vie” in Francois Truffaut’s movie Jules et Jim. Her voice with its unique timbre, soft and melodic with the guitar accompaniment have held their place well and not dated and this remains one of her most loved songs.

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