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Get the French look: designer fashion tips


The French have long been known for being on the cutting edge of the fashion world. Emulating their classic style is achievable even for those on a strict budget. Here are some tips for giving your wardrobe a French makeover.

Make your style fit you

While French women may use some trends in their wardrobe, they are not afraid to add touches that are uniquely them. This might mean that you have a certain style of shoe you wear a lot or you pair a skirt over jeggings instead of nylons. Trends don’t start themselves. Fashion lovers that are not afraid to push the boundaries start them.

Don’t be afraid to buy discounted

There are a lot of designer clothes out there so shopping around is advisable.  Sometimes the only difference between last years line and this years are the colours available so you can get even better prices by buying last years stock. Sites such as Le Jolie take the extra step to authenticate their designer clothes to ensure you can be confident in the authenticity of their garments. This takes all the stress out of buying designer goods online.

Trench coat versatility

Many of us have found ourselves facing the dilemma of choosing a coat to go with an outfit. A fashionable trench coat is versatile and adaptable. If you get one in white and one in black you will find out just how many style options you have. Trench coats come in various lengths so don’t think you have to buy a floor length version. Additionally, you can customize your look with various scarves or stoles.

Pick versatile colours

While bright colors can be fun, having a wardrobe that mostly contains colors that flatter one another makes it easier to mix and match pieces for more versatility in your wardrobe. A smaller and more functional closet makes it easier to manage your clothing and plan outfits. Neutral colors make a great canvas for adding splashes of colour. Neutral pieces often have a longer lifespan in your wardrobe because they can transcend the seasons.

Accessories add options

Nothing can change an outfit and add even more flexibility to your wardrobe than fashionable accessories like handbags, hats, and jewellery. An outfit can go from casual to night on the town with the addition of just a few items.

Be comfortable with your style

If you are comfortable you will look better. The French know that you need to be able to be yourself in your clothing. Don’t just jump on a trend to impress others. It will show.  Find a look that feels natural to you and fits you well. Size is a number and only that. Properly fitted clothing will look a lot better on you than clothing that is too small or large. Being yourself and letting your inner beauty shine through is an important part of capturing the French look in your wardrobe. It is one of their best-kept fashion secrets.

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