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The Good Life France Newsletter October 2013 (2)

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Bonjour and a very warm welcome to all our new friends to The Good Life France – we’re THE website for Francophiles everywhere…

We’ve got a fabulous line up of stories, features and useful information articles for you this week, I know I’m always saying it’s a bumper newsletter but it really is!

Autumn in France – we love France all year round but there is something special about the autumn colours of France, pumpkins and chateaux being teamed up and orchards full of apples ripe for cider making. We hope you like these delicious photos of this lovely season from all round France.

Sue Aitken of Boutique Provencal, our expert on Provence shares her tips for top things to do in Provence and says autumn is a great time to visit.

French Book Worm interviewed Samantha Brick – the British journalists whose claims that every woman was jealous of her beauty started a viral storm of debate! French Bookworm reviewed her book Head Over Heels in France and talked to her and says “she’s lovely”!

Expats Kirsten Macintosh in Collioure tells us how she made friends over a garlic dish so strong she thinks it ought to be legalised – a really wonderful account of real life in the south of France.

I discovered the story of a lost hotel, once the world’s biggest and most luxurious hotel. The ten room suites had their own swimming pools, some rooms were 15 metres high – it was incredible, Le Royal Picardy hotel in Le Touquet was and always will be a legend even though it has long gone…

We’ve been talking to Rachel Khoo (author of My Little Paris Kitchen). She travelled round France seeking recipes and knowledge from all over the place for her new book My Little French Kitchen. She shared her recipe for pumpkin soup with Chantilly and onion confit with us – how can you resist that?!

Design guru Aimee Clare shared her tips for incorporating French style into our homes; Majory Steele-Skousen from the US told us about her first view of the Eiffel Tower and what it meant to her; Honor Marks says the south of France in October is lovely.

I went from London to Paris by train and almost got to meet David Beckham (note to self: try harder next time)! If you worry about taking the train or metro in France we’ve got lots of tips to help you.

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If you’re in the UK and wondering what to do for the half term with the kids, then the Opal Coast is laying on a welcome to ladies – their partners, friends and kids! They’ve got lots of special offers, discounts, 2 for 1 deals from 23 October to 3 November along the Opal Coast. We’ve got lots of information on where to take the kids, art and culture, shopping, dining and the whole week long event on the lovely Opal Coast on the doorstep of the UK.

If you come over for Opal Coast Girls Week – please let me know – I’d love to hear your feedback!

With best wishes to you all,
Bon Weekend mes amis and amies,


Editor – Rédacteur en Chef

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