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Your Guest is Our Guest Tous Au Restaurant 2014

tous au restaurant in france

Reservations for the nation-wide event Tous Au Restaurant 2014 commence 17 September…

Restaurants all over France will be offering a special deal from 22 to 28 September – buy one, get one free, or “your guest is our guest”. Initiated by Alain Ducasse, 2014 sees the 5th anniversary of this hugely popular event with almost 1,500 restaurants participating (and its spreading to other countries too)…

The event launches the Festival of Gastronomy 26 – 28 September, a gastonomic celebration of culture, knowledge, heritage and French identity. There are workshops, demonstrations, tastings, special offers and discounts plus lots more from those employed in the food arenas in France. There’s even an edible fashion show in Paris where the dresses will be made from vegetables in a street fashion show! See the website for details of events: Fete de Gastronomie

What is Tous Au Restaurant?

Restaurants offer one meal for the price of two. Some are a la carte, others offer a set menu, ranging from less than €25 to more than €380 (that’s if you really want to splash out at Alain Ducasse’s own restaurant at the Plaza Athénée).

Some restaurants are lunch only or dinner only, others are both – the details can be found online (see link below).

When and how to book?

From Wednesday, September 17, 10 am, at the site tousaurestaurant.com only. You can’t book by phone – only online.

The organisers of Tous Au Restaurant say they have a 95% return rate from clients who participate and why not – with a 50% saving on your meal it’s a shame not to enjoy it!

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