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Guide to buying luxury property in France

 A luxury French getaway, a villa overlooking the Mediterranean or a charming ramshackle farmhouse in Provence… fuel for daydreams. If you’re looking for the perfect sanctuary under the summer sun, from the Riviera to the glistening beauty of the Alps, France’s terrain is abundant with choice for you to find your new slice of paradise. However, buying property abroad can be complicated – there are the understandable obstacles when it comes to language and don’t even get us started on French red tape.

That is where Ryan Green, the brains behind Buyer’s Agent France, comes in to help you fulfil your desires to find your perfect luxury French real estate. Say au revoir to stressful beaucracy – Ryan has it all under control.

So, if you are on the hunt for luxury real estate, keep reading to discover how Ryan Green can help you find you the house of your dreams in France.

First of all, what is a buyer’s agent?

Ryan is a buyer’s agent, or buying agent, who works solely on behalf of the buyer, always with your best interests at heart. Buyer’s agents are there to fight your corner and come armed with specialist knowledge about the property market. This is particularly useful when looking for a home abroad as these markets are unknown quandaries for many buyers. Plus, there’s the added complication of paperwork and bargaining in another language. Ryan has the necessary language skills to negotiate the best price and terms for you. With Ryan on your team, you can go head-to-head with the estate agents on an even playing field.

So, why work with Ryan at Buyer’s Agent France to find your luxury property?

An exclusive trustworthy service

If you are eager to find a luxury property in France but are uncertain about where to start, Ryan is your guide. A trustworthy buyer’s agent is crucial for your buying experience as you navigate the waters of luxury French real estate. It is particularly important to have someone on the ground in France who can oversee the process until completion. Ryan quite simply eliminates the pressure, stress and anxiety associated with buying. Instead of traveling hither and thither between home and France, making phone calls and trying to examine properties from your computer, you need someone trustworthy and transparent like Ryan and his team to be your eyes and make those visits for you. Buyer’s Agent France offers a discreet and stress-free service – with them, there is just one point of contact to provide you with open, clear communication.

Accustomed to working with high-net-worth clients, Ryan takes confidentiality and discretion incredibly seriously. He appreciates his clients’ need for privacy, particularly in a popular tourist destination such as France. He takes on only a limited number of clients each year and that is evident in his complete and utter focus on finding your dream French property. Furthermore, there is no conflict of interest as Buyer’s Agent France accept only a fixed rate fee per price bracket instead of a percentage-based commission.

All the legwork is done for you

There is no starting block when looking for properties in France – there’s no French equivalent to Right Move – so house hunting can be intimidating for the uninitiated. As experienced buyer’s agents, Ryan and his team know exactly who to contact for viewings, can interpret different listings for the same property, and have access to an incredible network of estate agents. Constantly making notes, the team provide you with all the required information on your chosen luxury property including the surrounding area, views and neighbourhoods. Best of all, those inevitable chase ups with vendors and agents are handled entirely by Buyer’s Agent France saving you time and stress.

Ryan even arranges virtual pre-viewings for you – these tours include WhatsApp calls, videos and immersive 360° viewings. Ryan’s virtual tours are so useful that some clients purchase properties without leaving their homes! This may not be the case for everyone, so don’t worry, Ryan also organises in-person viewings for you to visit your shortlist of properties. These viewings last 2 or 3 days so you can get a real impression of the places and sample the lifestyle of the area. The team arranges your accommodation and chauffeur-driven cars to get around, and all your meals are included.

Finally, once the deal is done and the contract has been signed, Ryan will remain your point of contact for any follow up questions or advice you may need.

Make your dream lifestyle a reality

Matchmaking is a term that usually refers to love, a set up with a potential soul mate. Ryan does the same, but between you and your dream luxury French property. Sit down with him to discuss your vision. Thanks to his considerable skill and 14 years of experience working in French real estate, he can hone your wishes to find your perfect property. He considers everything, factors that may have slipped our minds such as climate, seasonality, return on investment, caretaking and insurance. The team have no affiliations, so all his suggestions are based entirely on meeting your end goal.

His overarching focus is to conjure up your dream lifestyle. “I firmly believe that buying a French home isn’t just about buying a villa on The Cote d’Azur, a house on The Basque Coast, a chalet in The French Alps or a farmhouse in Provence; it’s about the truly exceptional lifestyle that comes with it,” Ryan says. Luxury French property is his passion, and he concentrates his energy on finding you the ideal real estate, and consequently, the perfect pace of life.

With exclusive access to luxury real estate all over France, Ryan and the team at Buyer’s Agent France know the perfect locations for your dream property. Whether it’s along the sparkling Cote d’Azur, in the centre of lively Paris or Bordeaux, or nestled amid the vineyards of the French countryside, Ryan can hone your desires to find the property of your dreams. If you are eager to find your dream property and discover the relaxing joie de vivre of French life, get in touch with Ryan today at buyersagent.com

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