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Happy Easter from France Newsletter


Hope you had a good week.

I had quite an exciting time I can tell you! I was lucky enough to be invited to visit Calvados, a department in Normandy that’s famous for making… Calvados! It’s a type of apple brandy and I’ll be writing more about it but basically it is a liqueur distilled from cider – and it’s scrumptious! I was asked if I’d like to be a judge in an International Cocktail Competition featuring award winning bartenders from around the world. Well of course I said yes! I didn’t get to judge the professional cocktails (oh no, just liking the taste doesn’t qualify you for such an important role!) but I was on the panel that judged the international journalists’ entries. Let’s just say some mixes tasted nicer than others and some people like vinegar in their cocktails!

It was a fascinating few days and I learned loads about Calvados the drink and did a tasting workshop for breakfast in which I discovered that this eau de vie  takes your breath away first thing in the morning. It also cures the common cold – well it did mine, I think it scared the cold away! I fell in love with the town of Caen – such friendly people… more to come on that subject.

Afterwards I got home to a lovely surprise. My neurotic cat Winston came home after an absence of more than a week. He usually likes to sleep on the sofa about 23 hours a day and it looks like he’s been in a bit of a fight, but he’s fine.

And now mes amies and amis, I have to go find places to hide Easter eggs in the garden for the kids and hope it doesn’t rain too much or that the chickens find them first!

Wishing you a very bon weekend and a very Happy Easter
Bisous from France


ps photo is of Caen this week where the zing of spring is in the air…

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