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How to be a Parisian | Podcast Episode 2

Welcome to Episode 2 of The Good Life France Podcast. It’s a brilliantly funny episode in which you’ll learn much about Paris – or rather- Parisians!

Stand-up comedian Olivier Giraud joins me (I’m a Londoner based in France) and my podcast partner Olivier Jauffrit (he’s a Frenchman based in London) to talk about how to be a Parisian – and he should know, he’s performed his one man show ‘How to become a Parisian in One Hour’ to more than one million people at the Théâtre des Nouveaux at Boulevard Poissonnière in the 9th arrondissement. If his advice in this podcast doesn’t make you laugh out loud, I’ll eat my chapeau (hat)!

In every episode, we’ll answer a question about France – in this issue we’re asked, is it true you shouldn’t turn up on time if you go to a French persons house for dinner?! And of course, we’ll tell you the strange truth… If you’ve got a question – hit reply and we’ll do our best to answer it on the show!

Also in this episode, discover how in France it can be seen as a sign of joy to see a spider!

Coming up in the next podcast we’ll be talking to British comedian, author, chutney maker and champion goat starer – Ian Moore.

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