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Welcome to the Good Life France podcast.

In this episode, we’ll be talking about how to speak French – we being Janine Marsh, author, travel writer and editor of The Good Life France website and magazine (I’m a Brit living in France), and Frenchman Olivier Jauffrit of radio ParisChanson.fr (he lives in the UK). Though we won’t be talking in French, we will be talking about the French language! We’ll share some fun facts and key tips to help you get by in French that are really easy to remember – even if you’re not fluent. It’s a short language lesson and there will be no test at the end!

Find out what French people think of their own language and what are the 3 most important words in French. Discover when to say tu or vous, and find out about how the french communicate through body language and weird noises (it’s not just about words!). And I bet you can’t guess how many times it’s possible to say bonjour in one day. Plus what you should say if you meet someone you’ve already said bonjour to!

And in the Q&A section we answer a question from E Bart of San Francisco, USA: “What is the most visited attraction in France?” Find out in this fun episode…

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