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I love My Personalised Luggage


Everywhere I travel people stare at my luggage! It’s okay though, I’m happy for them to do it because my luggage is part of my adventure as a travel writer.

You know when suitcases go round the conveyor belt when you land at an airport, you stand there staring, waiting to spot your case, trying to pick it out from amongst the other anonymous cases that pass before you. That never happens to me – I can spot my luggage from afar, it’s got photos on it that I took, it’s completely personalised and I will never not be able to pick it out from all the rest.

fantastic-personalised-luggageI recently went to Annecy in Haute-Savoie and stopped off in Paris on the way there and back. Everywhere I walked people smiled at my case and my back pack, a few asked me where I got them from. I’m happy to share my secret – Personalised Luggage are able to pop your photos on luggage of different styles and sizes. They’re popular with couples who put wedding photos on, with kids who want their favourite toy on their case, with travellers who want to be able to spot their luggage quickly, with those who love taking photos and with people who want something unique, and to show their individual streak. They make brilliant gifts too – anyone who travels will love having one of these bespoke cases.

Everyone has a favourite photo – it might be your dog or cat, a photo you took on holiday, your wedding photo, family member, friend, something funny or something quirky – but whatever it is, take it with you when you travel and share it with everyone.

It’s a brilliant new idea that’s really catching on, after all why settle for a dull suitcase when you can have something that’s really original.

It’s very easy to get a piece of Personalised Luggage. Pop to their website, download the photos you’d like to see on the suitcases and their very clever software allows you to view how it will look in 3D on any of the luggage range available.

You’ll find the luggage is ultra robust, comes with security locks, and with 360 degree wheels to make them glide easily – perfect for any globe trotter. Even better, they’re really lightweight even though they are so strong.


I have to say, I really love my personalised luggage, I love that it says this is me – cakes, the Eiffel tower, Paris and all!

Check it out for yourself at personalisedluggage.com they’re not expensive but if you pop in the code goodlife25 you’ll get a whopping 25% discount.

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