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Income Tax In France For Employed People

The Tax system in France may be very different from the country you are from. People with jobs in France in France are expected to process their own tax contributions – this   includes foreign workers paying tax in France.

A person who is employed in France, unless they are not resident, will be paid net of social security contributions. Income tax is not deducted at source from their income.  The individual has the responsibility to ensure that they retain sufficient funds to pay their tax liability when this falls due whether they are self employed or employed by a company.

You will need to download a tax form and complete it.   It’s really important to get the form filling correct – if you make a mistake, getting it rectified could take many months and cause you an administration nightmare and many visits to the tax office to resolve.  You may want to consider getting help from a translator or someone familiar with the requirements such as a tax specialist or accountant.

The completed form must be returned to your local tax office in a timely fashion – missing the  deadline may result in additional payments being charged and unwanted delays in processing.

Once you have filed this first tax application, you will be registered in the system and a form will be sent to you automatically to complete annually.

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