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Instagrammable Strasbourg France

Half-timbered medieval houses along the river in Strasbourg, France

Keen to take Instagram-worthy photos in Strasbourg to share with your friends and family? Here are my top 10 recommendations of instagrammable Strasbourg:

Petite France

Bikes leaning against a fence as people sit and enjoy drinks and snacks, Petite Ile, Strasbourg

Pretty much anywhere in the Petite France area is like a fairy tale town scene but Place Benjamin-Zix is particularly photogenic. The medieval district on an island is gorgeous.

Notre Dame Cathedral

Red stone cathedral of Notre Dame Strasbourg, tall steeple is dramatic against a deep blue sky

Head to Cathedral square and capture the mind boggling majesty of the Cathedral’s façade and interior. Constructed between the 11th and 15th centuries in red stone, it’s strikingly beautiful. It ws the tallest building in France until the 19th century, it’s steeple reaches 142m, erected in 1439.

Inside  there is a astronomic clock with automaton which parade at 12.30 pm. Amazing medieval stained glass windows, including a 14m rose window, paintings and sculptures make this a must see and in fact the most visited attraction in Strasbourg.

The streets around the Cathedral

Cobbled street lined with half-timber buildings which are shops and restaurants, Strasbourg

Place de la Cathedrale, Rue des Hallebardes, Rue Merciere, Rue du Maroquin leading from the Cathedral to the river is especially pretty with shops and restaurants whose tables spill out over the cobbled street. At Christmas the city streets are richly decorated but it doesn’t matter when you go, it’s a truly place.

The River Ill

Cruise boat on the River Ill Strasbourg

Take a stroll along the leafy paths that line the river Ill which runs through the centre of the city. You’ll find plenty of places to stop and relax and simply enjoy the view.

Ponts Couverts

Red stone bridge across the River Ill, Strasbourg with tall towers on the bridge

Take a photo of the covered bridges any time. It’s a stunning landmark but as dusk falls and the bridge is lit up is particularly beautiful. At the edge of Petite France, the bridges haven’t been covered for hundreds of years and are watched over by 14th century towers, remains of the city ramparts.

Vauban Dam

Right by the Ponts Couverts is the 17th century Vauban Dam. You can climb to the top of the Panoramic terrace to get impressive views over the canals and city. (There are some interesting statues on the lower floor as you walk through).

Street Art in Strasbourg

Black and white street art wall mural of a woman holding a candy cane reads One Becomes Many

Like many French cities, street art is held in high esteem in Strasbourg. You’ll spot painted post boxes, electric junction boxes, glass recycling boxes and wall murals everywhere. My favourite was at the Museum of Contemporary and Modern art, an entire wall of black and white street art which pops, especially on a sunny day.

The Christmas Shop

Santa figurine in a shop specialising in Christmas decorations year round in Strasbourg

It doesn’t matter what time of the year you visit, this place is open and enchanting. Even on a sunny summer’s day – it definitely feels like Christmas in here! So, if you love the razzmatazz of Noel don’t miss a visit to Narnia in Strasbourg here!

Patisserie Christian

Cakes in a shop window at Patisserie Christian in Strasbourg

Patisserie Christian is famous in Strasboug for the utterly delectable cakes they make. They also have the best window displays in town at Christmas! Head to their rue Merciere shop (No. 10) in a 16th century house and enjoy lunch or a cake and drink in a beautiful tea room (upstairs or downstairs – both are lovely).

Rue du Vieux Marche aux Poissons

Pretty square at dusk, lined with restaurants and mellow street lights with an orange glow

The rue du Vieux Marche aux Poissons is ancient. There’s been a road and a market here for centuries. Earliest records stating a fishmongers on site go back to 1120. Nowadays you’ll find it’s a pretty street lined with restaurants and bars and home to the Museum of History. At dusk, the square comes to life with those seeking an aperitif in a non-touristic location with the Cathedral in the background.

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