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Join a fabulous week-long Paris tour

Eiffel Tower Paris

Whether you’re travelling solo or with friends or family, a week-long escorted tour of Paris with A French Collection is the sort of trip where you’ll make memories and get to experience authentic Paris like a local.

You’ll see the most legendary sights. Visit iconic museums and monuments. And, you’ll also go beyond the typical tourist trip and discoer authentic places, the bars and restaurants the locals love. The quirky locations that make Paris so special and unique.

This small group tour takes place in spring and autumn for women-only but also hosts mixed group tours. Unveil the Paris of your dreams…

Classis Paris Tour for women

Artists with easels on the cobbled streets of Montmartre, Paris

With tours taking place in spring when the cherry blossom is out and autumn when the leaves turn every shade of gold you’ll see the city of light is at its best. You’ll discover quintessential Paris sites like the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre. But, you’ll get to experience a more authentic side of Paris. Its cosy cafés and charming cobbled streets, delicious boulangeries and exquisite shops.

Woman leaning out of an open window at Claude Monet's house, Giverny Normandy

Discver the historic streets and buildings of Paris including arty Montmartre, the historic Latin quarter and the charming Marais district. You’ll visit the most famous antiques markets in France, as well as art and street markets. Relax in gorgeous city gardens as the flowers bloom their brightest – just perfect for a picnic, organised just for you. You’ll also visit the house and gardens of Claude Monet at Giverny in Normandy which the artist immortalised in some of his most magnificent paintings. It’s an extraordinarily atmospheric place. You’ll  feel almost as if Monet has just stepped out and will return soon to admire the vase of fresh flowers on the sideboard in the salon or relax in his stunning kitchen.

Discover the best of Paris

Famous book shop Shakespeare and Company in Paris, France

You won’t be rushed around or herded from one place to the next. This tour is all about taking your time and getting to experience the very best of Paris. From bucket list giants to hidden gems. Follow in the footsteps of Marie Antoinette and Coco Channel. Browse the shelves of famous bookstores. And sip coffee at some of the legendary Paris cafés where artists and writers sat to contemplate the world going by – just as you will.

And, this being Paris you’ll enjoy the finest French cuisine. From golden, buttery croissants to delicious cakes from patisseries the locals love. A degustation dinner in a sumptuous restaurant or lunch in a typically Parisian bistro.

Two waiters at a cafe in Paris welcoming guests

You’ll enjoy luxury shopping and the gentle exploring of Paris’ iconic locations and secret places. Your guide’s little black book of shops, restaurants, cafés and markets (and even the most photogenic spots) open Paris up to you. In just one week, you’ll get to explore and discover authentic, magical Paris. This really is the holiday of a lifetime. There’s plenty of “me time” built in too. So, you can have adventures that are special to you. Perhaps a cookery class, wine tasting or to shop at a local street market like the exquisite rue Mouffetard.

Tours will resume in late 2022.

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