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Julia’s Pantry: Biscuits à Poudre de crème Anglaise – Custard Powder Biscuits

Biscuits a Poudre de Creme Anglais

Julia’s Pantry Melting Moments… authentic, unusual and easy recipe for delicious little biscuits.

These are fabulous little bites to serve with coffee after dinner or simply a bite size of deliciousness anytime… especially when one side is dipped in chocolate!!

I found the recipe for Custard Powder Biscuits – Biscuits à Poudre de Crème Anglais on a scrap of paper tucked into my grandmothers recipe book with “good, don’t last long” written in pencil down the side… have to agree, they don’t last long in our house… have already made three batches in a week!


6ozs (170g) Self-Raising flour (or Plain Flour and add 2 tsps. Baking Powder)

2ozs (60g) Custard Powder (poudre de Crème Anglaise)

Eighth tsp Salt

6ozs (170g) Butter

2ozs (60g) Icing Sugar


1. Sieve together the flour, custard powder and salt. Cream the butter and sieved sugar well, then beat in the flour gradually. Knead until quite smooth.

Biscuits a la Poudre de Creme Anglais

2. Roll into marble sized (half oz/15g) balls. Place on ungreased baking trays and flatten a little with the back of a fork to leave four deep-ish grooves on each. (If you must use grease to ensure no sticking keep it as light as possible – nothing should stick with that amount of butter!)


3. Bake at 350 deg.F/180 deg.C or Gas Mk 4 for 13-15mins.

4. Cool on wire rack then either leave plain or decorate accordingly.

Decorating the biscuits

We melted chocolate in a basin over a pan of boiling water and dipped one side, then left to set.

We also made some lemon glace icing and iced the top for one batch……

Perhaps sandwich together with jam and buttercream…..

Or ice top with chocolate buttercream or orange buttercream…..

Just a few ideas, but the joy of these biscuits is that they are a basis to experiment with whatever flavour you wish… Or leave them plain.

Grandmother says “These biscuits will keep for weeks in a tin or indefinitely in the freezer. They are delightful for elevenses or tea or with a nightcap.” Hmm!!


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