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Learn French watching free French TV shows & films

TV5MONDEPlus is a sort of French Netflix but 100% free! You can watch online or download the App for an enhanced viewing experience (save your favourites and download shows etc). It’s crammed with films and TV programmes from France, Canada, Belgium and Switzerland, all with English language subtitles. And not just English – German, Spanish, French and Arabic subtitles are also available. TV5MONDEPlus is available on all your devices, including Amazon Fire and Smart TVs and you’ll get access to exclusive content. And did I mention it’s completely free (except for a very few countries where their local regulations require it to be a paid service*).

And when it comes to learning how to speak and understand ‘real French’, the language that is spoken daily, one of the best ways to enhance your skills is by watching TV shows and films. Listen in French, and pop the subtitles option on to help you.

Real French in real Life

TV5MONDEPlus isn’t just great entertainment. It’s the perfect way to learn how French is spoken in ‘real life.’

Real French isn’t all ‘comment allez vous’ like it is in the school books. In the same way that real English isn’t all ‘how do you do.’ Real French has slang words, colloquialisms and intonations that you can only pick up when you hear it spoken by native French speakers.

And learning it from TV shows and films makes it a whole load of fun.

There’s a huge variety of programmes, romance, thrillers, documentaries, comedy and drama. Programmes and films are included from all French speaking countries and as a bonus – you’ll learn and listen to real French. You can stop the programme and rewind, you can go back to watching when it suits you and you can pop the subtitles on so that you can follow in your own language while you listen.

TV shows and films in French with subtitles

Take the award winning Camille. Camille, a photojournalist, (played by Nina Meurisse who won a Cesar (like the French Oscars) in 2020 for best female newcomer) goes to the Central African Republic to cover the civil war. A committed humanist she discovers her destiny as she develops a real passion for the country and the tragedy being played out to the total indifference of the international community. Listening to the characters speak, you get a real feel for real French. The pronunciation, inflection, grammar – and all while you’re being entertained.

Or learning. There are loads of history and educational programmes. Gros Mots for instance, a series of short programmes that explore the etymology of French slang. Sacre Bleu! Or Parlons peu, Parlons bien which explores the how the French language is constantly evolving and making room for new words. A great way to keep up with new expressions.

A variety of programmes to suit every taste

Les Simone, a Canadian mini-series, follows three friends in their thirties lead lives as different as they are hectic. Newly-qualified Maxim wants to drop everything to move to Montreal. Laurence, “miss perfect”, continues her career in the media. Nikki, make-up artist by day and barmaid by night, is forever in search of thrills and excitement.

And in Corniche Kennedy a gang of friends from the working-class neighbourhoods of Marseille defy the laws of gravity. Girls and boys dive, fly and take every risk, whilst Suzanne, from her chic villa, watches and photographs them, envying them their freedom. Spotted, she finally ends up joining them…

Real life and real French, with subtitles in five languages to suit all tastes. An enormous range of programmes from classic to modern films, cookery shows, children’s programmes, history, fashion, travel and much much more.

Download the app for TV5MONDE Plus for free

* TV5MONDEPlus in the USA

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