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Les Riceys, off the beaten track in Champagne-Ardennes


Bubbling over with history and ravishing good looks Les Riceys is an unspoiled and rather mysterious part of Champagne. Enticing, authentic and charming, Les Riceys is the only place in Champagne to have three AOC wine awards: Champagne, Rosé des Riceys and Coteaux Champenois.

les-riceys-bas-churchLes Riceys

The origins of the area go back to the days when Romans settled here and cultivated the wines.

Les Riceys is actually made up of three formerly fortified villages, each of which, in the old days,  reported to a different diocese: Sens, Dijon and Langres. This created a certain rivalry and competition between the parishes the result of which was the creation of magnificent Renaissance churches, all of which are listed.

Les Riceys Bas is the oldest borough, Les Riceys Haute and Les Riceys Haute Rive are the other two areas and all three are happily reunited these days.

Les Riceys boasts 866 acres of stunning vineyards and a plethora of outstanding producers of Champagne and wine.

In the centre of the town of Les Riceys Bas, the Hotel Le Marius is a meeting point for locals and vintners.


 With its wine-themed named rooms, friendly owners, themselves makers of wine and Champagne, a lovely bar and fabulous restaurant, it’s the heart of the town and a fabulous place to stay.

Tour and Taste in Champagne

les-riceys-champagne-drappier-champagne-bottleThanks to the popularity of its wine, Les Riceys enjoyed a prosperity that is reflected in its beautiful stone houses. Today it is the perfect place to tour and taste.

Les Riceys is the only area in Champagne to have three AOC Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée awards:

Champagne made in the area is absolutely superb and there are several excellent houses where you can taste and buy such as Bauser and Drappier where they make the biggest bottles of Champagne in the world.

Rosé des Riceys is known as a Royal wine thanks to Louis XIV’s penchant for this pink vin. He discovered it when workers at Versailles brought it with them from their home town in Les Riceys. It is a unique and rare taste, and is considered one of the best rosés in France made from Pinot Noir harvested on the steepest hills.

Coteaux Champenois is a still wine;  the grapes are the same as those allowed for sparkling Champagne: Pinot noir and Pinot Meunier for red wines, and Chardonnay for whites. 

Les Riceys by drone:

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