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Luxury Food Tours of Provence

Bright blue table and chairs under a canopy of wisteria in Provence

A trip to Provence is often the trip of a lifetime. It’s an adventure, a dream come true and a place that is as delicious as it’s beautiful.

Martine Bertin-Peterson at Gout et Voyage puts it this way “if you want to experience the real Provence then it’s got to be less about trying to cram in as many different towns and cities as possible. And it has to be more about experiencing a few places that make Provence unique. I like to focus on the experiences – not just the places”.

Unique Provence tour

Looking through a stone arch to hilly vineyards, Provence

“Like most of us, I don’t like crowds, tour buses, being on a rigid schedule, single traveler supplements, large impersonal hotels and restaurants. I don’t like ‘All-inclusive’ tours that nickel and dime you for every little thing; and the ‘if it’s Tuesday it must be Brussels’ syndrome” says Martine.

Her tours are designed with this in mind. They’re about discovering authentic Provence. It takes time to find those special places that tourists rarely hear of and that is Martine’s expertise. Her years of expertise in exploring the area, of time spend discovering the best of everything Provence, and her enviable list of contacts maker her tours unique and unforgettably special. From small family-owned hotels and restaurants that are off the beaten path to getting to know the people, tastes, the aromas and culture of Provence.

Luxury food tour of Provence

Group of people stand before a table with boxes of vegetables

A typical day on one of her week-long luxury food tours of Provence tours might including a hands-on cookery class with a local chef in his home. First though, you’ll shop at one of Provence’s famous traditional street markets for supplies. You’ll get to meet the vendors, taste the olives and learn how to pick the best vegetables, cheese and other produce. Once you’ve produced your delicious dishes you’ll enjoy them with the finest wines. Or maybe you’ll take a pastry-making class in a small patisserie and learn how to make croissants and tarts and other gorgeous French pastries that will truly titillate your taste buds. These are the sort of experiences you can take home with you and keep for ever. You’ll join a truffle tour. And you’ll take gourmet tours of some of Provence’s finest destinations from Marseille to Aix en Provence.

You can’t go to Provence and not try the local wine and Martine knows all the best wineries in the area. Markets, gourmet food shops, the most fabulous restaurants and tiny bistros, she’s built up a legendary book of contacts and knowledge of Provence.

Visit the most beautiful Provencal towns and villages

Cobbled street lined with beautiful old houses St Remy de Provence

Martine always chooses Saint Remy as a home base. “What I love about Saint Remy is  that it is a quintessential, pedestrian-friendly Provencal town which offers a lively Wednesday market. It is a charming walled old town with tiny streets, interesting architecture and lovely shops. The beautiful Greco-Roman ruins of Glanum are a short walk away. And, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to small cafés and restaurants”.

From here it is easy to tour the area and see the most beautiful villages such as Les Baux and the history UNESCO listed Avignon with its monumental Popes Palace.  You will visit cultural sites, and see the gorgeous lavender fields, a sight that’s uplifting and inspiring.

An extraordinary tour of Provence

Medley of photos show people enjoying a tour of Provence

The thing about the Gout et Voyage tours that make them so very special is that you get a chance to see, taste and enjoy experiences it would be almost impossible to do without Martine’s contacts and know-how. With just six people per tour, everything is taken care of. From transport to meals and visits, cookery courses, wine tasting, picnics in vineyards, boutique hotels and more. The tours are perfect for couples, families, friends and solo travellers. This is the truest way to know, taste, and feel, Provence…

To find out more and book the real Provence tour of a lifetime check out the website: goutetvoyage.com

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