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Medieval banquet in Agincourt!

Medieval feast including pheasant, pork and vegetables

The Centre Azincourt 1415 is holding a banquet. And this is no ordinary banquet. A medieval feast complete with entertainment…

The annual medieval banquet of Azincourt (though the British call it Agincourt due to a miscommunication at the famous 15th century battle), takes place in July. In 2023 it will be held on the nightSaturday 29 July at the centre.

A taste of history

Chef carves meat for a medieval style feast

Four courses of dishes, created with the help of food historian and culinary expert Fabian Müllers who specialises in medieval cuisine, will be presented. You can expect surprisingly spicy and herby dishes and sweet puddings. The wine made like the people of the middle ages would know it – red wine mixed with honey and spices. Fabian is the Director of operations at the Arkéos Archaeological Museum in Douai near Lille. He is renowned for his studies into medieval cuisine so you can expect a real taste of the past at the banquet.

Meanwhile you’ll be entertained by minstrels from a historical theatrical group. The perfect way to experience this ancient, historic site in the glorious countryside of the Seven Valleys, Pas-de-Calais.

Centre Azincourt 1415

Entertainers in medieval costume

The newly revamped Centre Azincourt 1415 aims to enhance and maintain the memory of the Battle of Azincourt which took place October 25, 1415. The museum presents a cultural and historical analysis of the battle. It also examines the events leading up to it. And what daily life was like for those caught up in it – both soldiers and civilians. It’s a fascinating glimpse into the past and a detailed look at the legendary battle.

And as you tuck into your medieval feast, you might just be eating what the Kings and Lords of the Middle Ages enjoyed, a taste of history…

Tickets can be booked via the contact details on the website azincourt1415.com

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