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Mobile phones in France

Beautiful flowering lavender field in Provence, it may not be possible to get a mobile signal here
Mobile phones in France: there are numerous types of mobile telephone subscription – monthly, annual, prepaid and pay as you go. Prepaid cards are sold in supermarkets, tabacs, at news stands and various other shops.

There seem to be rather a lot of places in France where your mobile won’t receive a signal, especially in rural places. But phone masts are going up at an alarming rate in an attempt to improve signals.

The several mobile telephone providers in France Three of the biggest are:

Bouygues Telecom

A popular provider of mobiles in France.  For more information see their website www.bouygestelecom.fr.


Orange Ltd is a mobile network operator and an Internet service provider that is a subsidiary of France Télécom who provide the fixed telephone lines in France www.orange.fr.


The second largest provider of mobiles in France website www.sfr.fr

Pay-as-you-go mobiles in France

French pay as you go mobiles can be easily topped up. Beware that some top up codes have a credit expiry period.

It may be possible to use a French SIM card on your existing mobile phone. Check with your current phone provider if this is the route you want to go as it may be necessary to unlock or upgrade your phone. You may also be able to buy an International SIM card from your provider.

Contract mobile phones  in France

It is can be difficult to obtain a French mobile phone contract in France without a credit history but there are many options available check the providers websites or in shop for the best offers and requirements to set up an account.

It may be useful to enquire from your existing mobile provider to see what options they offer for using your phone in France. Most of them will offer some incentives to keep you using their network.

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