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Monet’s Garden Giverny, Photo of the Week from France


 This lovely photograph of Monet’s garden at Giverny was shared with us by David Stratton from Australia.

An appreciative audience of more than 60,000 people on The Good Life France Facebook page made this our photo of the week.

There is a poignant story behind this photo, David’s wife is unwell and undergoing chemotherapy treatment, he says that she gets through it by imagining she is in Monet’s garden which she absolutely loves.

David has asked us to share his wife’s blog, Walking in Monet’s Garden, he hopes that it will give hope to others going through difficult times “France is our favourite place to holiday and our last holiday when she was well was in France for 5 weeks so the joy we had there is a large part of our shared memories. We were talking today about giving others with brain tumours hope and someone to talk to; her blog might show others that there is always hope despite bad medical news”.

We all wish them well.

Monet’s garden can be visited from end March to end October but check the Monet Fondation website for precise details as the dates can change from one year to another.

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