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Move over snowboard, sledge and sand slider – hello Axiski

The ultra-light, yet strong and flexible, Axiski is set to be the ‘must have’ addition for both winter and summer holidays. It a sledge and more for the 21st century; its enormous fun and very cleverly designed.


Fast, fun and highly adaptable on snow, Axiski also works well on sand dunes, frost, slush and even as a form of body board in the surf. There are no runners on the underside to dig in so almost any slippery surface becomes a potential playground. Made in the UK from ‘virgin’ plastic and with a two-year warranty against breakage, it’s design makes it strong and flexible/ It’s also light at 1.6kg and even younger children can carry it (my four year old loves it!).

At 119cm long, 38cm wide and just 0.5cm thick, it can easily accommodate an adult and child together ensuring younger members of the family can always get involved. The potential durability should mean that the Axiski will be with them as they grow up too.

Get the edge over the sledge!

Lie on your front or on your back, sit, kneel or stand up! The more you use your Axiski, the more you’ll be able to do on it. Try it on muddy river banks, in the waves or surfing sand dunes in summer, or frosty, slushy or snowy slopes in winter. The lack of runners and high contact area means you’ve got potential playgrounds everywhere.

Axiski comes in a wide range of eye catching, vibrant colours and is a flexible, fun filled addition to your holiday.

At £24.95 (plus £4.99 P&P), it won’t break the bank and takes up very little storage space when not in use – unlike that old sledge you haven’t used for years!

Exclusive for Good Life France. Free UK P&P (or ½ price European P&P) when quoting GLF2017 at checkout.


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