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My French Life: Holiday like a hamster in France

My French Life Louis the dog
Louis the dog that thinks its a human

I know that lots of people love their animals to extremes and I myself am pretty fond of my own animals and I adore my sister’s dog Louis – he’s like a human in dog form. He pretty much communicates and has different noises for things he wants, a low growl for biscuits, a high growl for whatever it is anyone else has, a bark for the door to be opened, a yap for move over and let me get in that chair, a squeak for cuddles … anyway I’m going on a bit I know so back to the subject.

But, do you love your animal enough to want to live like them?

Some people do – there’s a hotel in Nantes in the Pays de la Loire that caters to guests who want to live like hamsters, funnily enough, it’s called La Villa Hamster. I kid you not!

If you book into the Hamster Hotel you can sleep in a bed filled with sawdust, run around in a giant Hamster Wheel and even wear a hamster costume thoughtfully provided by the hotel management.  Other enticements include – apparently as I’ve not been there (yet!) – hamster toys to play with and a water trough so that you can “drink like a hamster”.

Mmmm, I’m not sure but for a get away from it all night it might be fun – or not!  If you’re interested you can book through www.uncoinchezsoi.net – if you do go please please let me know how it went!

The Other Half has suggested that I should offer a Chicken Hotel service and let people dress up and live with the girls at the bottom of the garden!

A bientôt


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